Playing Catchup — with a giveaway!

In October and November, I had a great time cooking along with French Fridays with Dorie. Then life got busy and hard, and I took December off, and then January.

This week, I’m back, and tomorrow, you’ll see a lovely Basque dish that’s straight out of my childhood, with a surprise cooking co-star.

It’s niggling at me, though, those two months I missed, so I figured I’d have a little fun playing catch-up.

Here’s how it works:

Comment below and tell me which of these recipes you want me to make first. I’ll make the dish that gets the most votes this weekend. Then, on Sunday, I’ll choose one of you at random to win a tacky fabulous prize package.1

Sweet and Spicy Cocktail Nuts
My Go-to Beef Daube
Leek and Potato Soup
Spiced Butter-Glazed Carrots
paris mushroom soup
gnocchi a la parisienne
michel rostang’s double chocolate mousse cake
chicken b’stilla

C’mon, you know you want to see what nuttery I’m up to THIS time, right?

1: one wacky vintage cookbook from my collection2; one recipe card with the winning recipe written on it in my own handwriting; and one silly little cheesy gift of my choosing
2: (Previous winners have gotten such gems as The Joy of Jello, and the Cut-up Cake Cookbook.)

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10 thoughts on “Playing Catchup — with a giveaway!”

  1. I vote for My Go-to Beef Daube cuz the first time I read it I thought it said “My Go to Bed Daube” and as tired and hungry as I am right now, that sounded wonderful.

  2. Sweet and spicy cocktail nuts. I’m in party food mode because I hear there’s this big event involving some sort of game this weekend…

  3. Speculoos!

    I used to use the Joys of Jello cookbook in the early ’70’s before I became a vegetarian. I remember one recipe where you would put shredded coconut and jello powder into a container and shake them up — good for people who like coconut and Pixy Stix and so on!

      1. Thanks for the cookbook! I had completely forgotten about it until about a week ago when I was thinking of FOGCon and a vague memory started to surface. :-)

        I just made the “Danish Applesauce Cake” recipe (though substituting dried apricots for the raisins because I don’t much care for raisins), and am enjoying some hot slices!

        Thanks for the push-pins as well … I have a big corkboard in the kitchen that I put them on — for some reason they smell like coconut!

        1. I am SO embarrassed it took me so long to mail that. Lesson learned; I’ll offer virtual gifts in the future, because I can’t be trusted to go to the post office. (They probably smell like vanilla; they were packed with a vanilla bean for the first six months, but then I felt bad about giving you an ancient vanilla bean.)

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