OPMF: Link Roundup #7

OPMF = Other People’s Mom Food

Folks have told me that they like seeing what other people’s moms (and dads and aunties and grandparents) have been up to in the kitchen, and honestly, I just really love sharing the great food writing I see out there all the time, so this has become one of my favorite features at The Mom Food Project. It reminds me (and, I hope, you) that all over this beautiful world, there are people cooking for the love of it, and for the nourishment of the people they love.

Life has been hard for a lot of people this month, but there was still joy, and love, and the act of feeding the people you care about. To wit:

This is only a small sampling of the Mom Food posts I’ve seen this week. Follow us on Facebook to see more in the upcoming days and weeks.

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