Follow Friday: Bibberche

[First, a quick note about our Contributor Chris Hansen, who is going to the hospital this weekend. If you’ve been enjoying his Mertie’s Mondays series of food essays about New England and England, please go find one of his posts and comment, wishing him well. I think he’ll appreciate it. We love you here at The Mom Food Project, Chris; get well soon!]

And now on to one of my very favorite blogs, one I really think you all should be reading:

There are many reasons that Lana at Bibberche (Twitter: @bibberche) is on the very short list of bloggers I just have to read. For one, her writing is stellar. Lana knows how to tell a story, and how to link food and love and history together while doing it.

There are other reasons, though:

Go. Read. I’m guessing you won’t be sorry.

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4 thoughts on “Follow Friday: Bibberche”

    1. Yeah, I do the same. When I sit down with some reading time, I see what’s new on a few blogs: Lana’s, Michael Procopio’s, MoftheSea’s (1000 reasons I’m a crap mom), OMG! Yummy, Dorie’s, and of course yours. :-)

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