The Big Cook, Take Two

Well, today, I’m renting a car (we don’t own one) and going to Costco, Grocery Outlet, and the produce store. I’m buying a bunch of food, and then tomorrow, I’m cooking. I’ve gone back to school, and it really helped this month to have the frozen items for my partner and kid to just pop into the oven or microwave if I was not up to cooking (and some of the items were also great for lunches, like the bean burritos; they only lasted a couple weeks, and I made 27 of them; I’ll make more this time).

All that’s left from last month’s big cook is a couple twice-baked potatoes and 2 quarts of potato soup.

This month, the plan is:

Bean burritos (a favorite; I’m going to make more like 4 dozen this time)
Chicken enchiladas
4 dozen oatmeal cookies without raisins (the kid’s request)
Tuna casserole
Chicken pot pies
A couple quarts of kimchi
Pork potstickers

Today, I’ll do the shopping; tomorrow the cooking.

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