Look out, folks: Cheesepalooza‘s coming! I’ve signed up; what about you?


My homemade ricotta

Cheesepalooza is a year-long cheese-making challenge. I can’t wait to try my hand! It’s based around Artisan Cheese Making at Home*, which so far (I’ve read the foreword, by Peter Reinhart, and a little of the book itself) looks to be an excellent read. I’m very excited. Who’s up for joining us?

*If you buy the book from that link, I get a small amount of money, 100% of which I send to the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

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5 thoughts on “Cheesepalooza!”

    1. It’ll be fun! I’m a little intimidated by all the steps to make sure everything is clean and safe, but I can do this. Right? :-)

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