Cheesepalooza: Whole-milk Ricotta

I’ve been resisting making this post for a week and a half, for two reasons:

1) My photos didn’t come out all that well, and
2) My ricotta didn’t come out all that well. I couldn’t get it to set up properly. Cooking from the Market’s buttermilk ricotta is much more reliable for me, and the texture is right, while this was rubbery.

This is the first recipe in Cheesepalooza, though, and I have lots more chances to get it right. Besides, the resulting lasagna was ASTOUNDINGLY good, so hey, success!

Here’s the cheese draining on the faucet:

homemade ricotta draining

And here’s the lasagna after I ate all my dinner, went “Oh, shoot! I need a photo!” and put a little more on a plate to photograph.

sorta-homemade lasagna, one slice

It was so darn good, we managed to polish off that little more, too. SO good. And way easy, because I only sort of homemade it. You don’t even really need a recipe. What I did was bought four sheets of fresh pasta (two regular, two spinach) and layered them with jarred sauce, the homemade ricotta, and sliced whole-milk mozzarella. I ran out of mozzarella at the end (I used a pound), so I added some shredded cheddar on the top layer. This went together in maybe five minutes, and then I baked it at 350, covered, for about a half hour, then uncovered it and baked until everything was hot and bubbly. SO good!

And now here’s the worst pic of all. This doesn’t do this delicious thing justice, I promise you.

sorta-homemade lasagna

[Edit: Here’s a photo of an old batch of ricotta, made with the recipe linked above:]

ricotta in a strainer

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9 thoughts on “Cheesepalooza: Whole-milk Ricotta”

  1. That’s a great way to use a ricotta you don’t like to eat fresh! :) TOO bad about the photo! Why not send me one from the other ricotta you have made? What did this taste like and look like? Rubbery is a real surprise. I made it so many times before success with citric acid, but rubbery would have been an impossible achievement from my batches! Wonder what all the factors are. What is the recipe you like the best?
    I persevered, and believe it or not, the Citric Acid ended up being the best flavour for me, by far! But, it was the most difficult coagulant to adjust the amount to the milk I was using, too! Wish you were close enough for the Tasting Thursday!
    (PS – please send me all the info so I can include you in the round up.)
    A Canadian Foodie recently posted..Whole Milk Ricotta With Citric Acid: Take Two

    1. I think I’ll try again. And I’m sorry for not emailing you; to be honest, I worked a ten-hour day yesterday and just barely got up the energy to post. I’ll do it now.

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