Mom’s kind of burger

Just a quick post today. The burgers I made would make my mom’s mouth water. Rare, lean beef. Toasted buns. Lots of veggies. (Cheese on James’s, but not on mine. I don’t usually do cheese on burgers.)

SO delicious. The kind of food I grew up on. Just a quarter pound of lean ground beef for each burger, sprinkled with salt/pepper/garlic and seared in a hot pan. Served with oven fries (from fresh russets, tossed in oil and roasted in a single layer in a 400°F oven) and plenty of ketchup to dip the fries in.

cheeseburger, oven fries, ketchup


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  1. yummychunklet wrote on August 29th, 2012 at 3:07 pm Uhr1

    Uh, you had me at the Hellman’s in the photo!
    yummychunklet recently posted..Vegan Black Bean Burgers

  2. Serene wrote on August 29th, 2012 at 5:26 pm Uhr2

    Hee! It’s my fave; I even prefer it to homemade, and it’s all we had growing up. :-)