Making my way back

This is my last week of school. I am so looking forward to having my life back, but even more, I’m looking forward to seeing what all of you are up to. Aso, I am in a clearing-the-deck kind of mood. I’m going to clean my house, sell some of my book overflow, and basically reclaim the space I have been treating like a hotel for the past two years.

First project? To see how long I can go cooking with only what’s stored up in my cupboards, with the addition of fresh produce, eggs/milk, and coffee. Should be interesting, at least to me, and it’ll be a good way to get back in the habit of daily posts. This’ll kind of be an extreme version of my Pantry Cooking Month jags.

My mom is an incredibly good pantry cook. These days, she has enough money to have overflowing pantries (seriously — it’s a problem), but when I was in my teens, we had very little money, and mom remembers the days when she fed my brothers pancakes for dinner, because that’s about all there was.

This experiment is in her honor. Love you, mom!

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6 thoughts on “Making my way back”

  1. How awesome that you are still doing this blog! Looking forward to more…

    And it’s kinda funny that you’re doing the clearing-the-pantry project. We’re pretty short on cash this month, and we’ve been surviving on what’s in the freezer and pantry shelves. It’s been a good challenge for me to consistently come up with nutritious and tasty meals for five people. Things are starting to get kind of creative as we progress through along. But I notice that I’m starting to feel a little nervous and vulnerable, seeing the shelves grow emptier. We’re lucky… I know we have a paycheck coming next Friday and that I’ll be able to at least partly replenish the empty places, but it’s been an eye-opener to realize how much I depend on my well-stocked shelves, not just for a source of our family’s food, but for a sense of security and calm. Good luck with your own creative challenge, and CONGRATS on finishing up school! So proud of you! :D

    1. I am SO identifying with the anxiety thing! My retail therapy all happens at the grocery store, and I feel poor if I have empty shelves. If I didn’t have the huge privilege to be able to go buy food whenever I want, especially fresh produce, this would all feel really different to me (and has, many times in the past — part of why I make a game of it is to keep from getting sad when I don’t have enough money to go grocery shopping.

      Love you!

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