My Family

You can see more about me and my mom at “What is Mom Food?” Sometimes, though, I mention the other people in my family, and the diagramming can get a little complicated, so I thought I’d fill you in on the who’s-who.

About the kid

I call her “the kid” (or sometimes “the teenager” or “Munchkin The Younger”) these days, but I should change that. The kid is a young adult now, and should probably get a less diminutive name.

Anyway, she came to live with us in 2008. She’s my sister’s younger child, and her older brother (whom I usually call “Munchkin The Elder”) lives with my mother (see “About my Mom”). I was their primary parental figure when they were little, and I’m happy to be part of the village that raised these kids.

She’s a great person, my kid, and already, at 18 years old, a working artist. She sells her art, including commission work, at her DeviantArt site, and she makes enough to pay her rent doing that. I couldn’t be prouder. Plus, she likes my cooking, so there’s another good quality she possesses.

About my partners and their partners

I have two partners whom I adore.

I met Guy in an online group in the late ’90s, but we really didn’t notice each other in “that way” until 2002. He’s the perfect subject for Mom Food, because my mom cooks LOTS of meat, and Guy would live on just meat happily.

Guy lives with his other partner, about 20 minutes away from me, and we see each other for a couple days most weeks. When we got together, I was in a really difficult (albeit loving and passionate and important) relationship, and he reminded me that love can be easy and joyful. Guy and his partner C live together. C has more energy than god, and holds together every social group she belongs to. Her partner B lives in the house behind Guy and C’s. B is one of my very favorite writers on the topics of fat politics and class oppression, and she’s relentlessly upbeat no matter what’s kicking her ass.

James and I also met online (in 2003), but we met in person the next day, and very soon after, we were living together. He is my perfect roommate (and I’m very picky about roommates) and a really wonderful partner. He is married to Carin, who contributes posts to this blog and is family to me. Carin and I used to be romantically involved, and we still love each other and are part of each other’s family. She lives about an hour away during the week, and with us on the weekends.

I think that covers everyone. It’s less complicated in practice than it sounds. Basically, we’re a family with kids; there are just more adults than average in the equation.

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