Privacy policy

I’ll keep this short and sweet: I don’t collect your private info at all, but nothing you put on the web is especially “private” in the grand scheme of things.

Once in a while, I look at the traffic numbers on my webhost’s tracker thingy, or on Google Analytics, but that’s not very detailed: it just tells me how many visitors, hits, etc., I have per day/week/month. I can see more detailed info (like which sites people came here from, for instance, but not, as far as I know, who came from which referrer) but not in a “Jane Tyrone came from this site and did this while she was here” way — more in a “Traffic to the site spiked after someone posted the link on Tumblr” sort of way.

When you comment on the blog, you can give me info that may be of a personal nature (your name, for instance), but I don’t do anything with that info, even aggregate it, and I wouldn’t dream of selling or renting any data gleaned from your visits and posts, even if I knew how to do such a thing. You are completely free to use an assumed name and throwaway email address when you participate here. The way this blog is set up, my responses to your comments go to the email address you use when you comment.

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