Spanish Tortilla from the kid

tortilla and flower tea
Photo by Joan Ortiz

This is my Aunt-Sandi-weekend-morning food. It’s also sort of my Nana food. It’s both.  The tea is totally Sandi tea, because she’s the one who always got me those.  It was green tea with pomegranate and wildflowers, and it was delicious.

For the tortilla, I caramelized the onions first, then set them aside. Then I cooked the potatoes a bit and mixed them back together. Put all that in the frying pan, put all the egg in, and then I moved it around until it was all even and cooked it on a low temperature for a long time, then broiled the top in the oven.

[Note from Serene:  “Aunt Sandi” is what The Kid calls me.  You can see more verbose cooking instructions for the tortilla at my previous post on the subject.]

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