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I have a lot of fun writing this blog, and honestly, it’s more fun than I thought it would be when I get recognized for doing it. Here are some of those fun times:

November, 2011, Oakland Magazine: Anna Mindess did an article on shopping in ethnic markets, interviewing me and some other folks. Those are my hands in the photo, and there were more photos in the print article.

Fall 2011, I was featured in the food issue of CSUEB Magazine, the magazine of the university I attend.

October 28, 2010: Laura of Hey What’s For Dinner Mom? joins me in some popcorn-ball fun

October 16, 2010: Saturday Spotlight at Just Another Mom of 2

October 8-9, 2010: Liveblogged BlogHer Food ’10 in exchange for admission to the conference. It was very exciting! I wrote a little about it here.

October 1, 2010: Started French Fridays with Dorie. You can see my weekly entries at this link.

October 1, 2010: Part of Feature Me Friday at Clickable Party

September 30, 2010: Salted Angel’s Cake on Tastestopping

September 27, 2010: Hired as a volunteer liveblogger for BlogHer Food ’10

September 13, 2010: Not-hummus on TasteStopping

September 10, 2010: Chris Hansen recommends The Mom Food Project and talks about his own Gran Food

August 25, 2010: Tomato salad on TasteStopping

August 24, 2010: Roast beef on TasteStopping

August 16, 2010: Pat of Cooking from the market gave us a Signal Boost

August 11, 2010: Kate Gibbs of the kitchen inc. liked the Mom Food Project concept

August 9, 2010:  Sarafree from Our Urban Village gave me some Reader Lovin’. Sara’s one of the wonderful bloggers I’ve met in the 31DBBB Challenge. I’m so lucky.

August 8, 2010: Finding Vegan published a photo from my first official Mom Food post

August 5, 2010: My beef burger was an Editors’ Pick at Food52!

August 1, 2010: Launched the blog with my first official Mom Food post

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Author: Serene

I run The Mom Food Project, which was born out of love for my mom and a desire to preserve the recipes of my childhood, which didn't actually exist in written form until I quizzed my mom and wrote the recipes down.