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I am so far behind on everything! The kid was here for the first week of January, and then I got a new job and got sick and and and… Anyway. Will catch up soon. *deep breath*

New Year’s Announcement: Vegan Cook-along!

I’m starting a new Vegan Cook-along! Come join along, or just check out the vegan recipes on Meatless Mondays.

New project!

New project coming up; I’m excited about it, and will post the details on January 1st. How’s that for a pain-in-the-ass teaser? Have a great new year! See you on Thursday.

Bucatini and sausage casserole

One of the dangers of cooking the way my mom does is that using up leftovers sometimes makes more leftovers, in an endless cycle. Over the years, I have had to break myself of some of her habits. There are things I don’t do that my mother does. Some of them are: saving a small […]

Administrivia: New things are coming

Changes are coming at The Mom Food Project!