Cheesepalooza: Whole-milk Ricotta

Sorta-homemade lasagna with actually-homemade ricotta

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Notes on a long weekend (including this week’s menu)

Little notes from a weekend kitchen

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OAMC: The Geekening

Once-a-month cooking: I account for the money, and show the photos.

Look away if you don’t care about the geeky accounting I made of what the once-a-month cooking spree yesterday cost me. Tomorrow or the next day, I’ll post an actual recipe or two, but today I’m all excited about how much money I saved by spending an easy day chopping and cooking our favorite foods.

Around 115 servings of dinner food (not that we’ll only eat it at dinner)
Cost: $52.33 (not counting salt, pepper, and things like bacon grease)
Average: 46 cents per serving (more details below)

So basically, 38 meals each for the three of us; I’ll be interested to see if they last the month. My sincere hope is that I’ll be able to buy a standalone freezer soon, and be better situated to take advantage of sales and bulk buying. Also, it’ll mean I don’t have to be so careful about arranging stuff in my tiny little freezer.

I posted the pics of my newly full freezer to Flickr so I could tag everything with notes so you know what it is. If you click on the images, you’ll go to the annotated version. Go ahead and cringe at how messy the floor of my freezer is; I know I’m cringing. I was planning to really scrub it out before I started, but that didn’t materialize.

inside the freezer

the door

27 bean burritos, $9.80:
tortillas 2.89
24 c. beans (8 c. dry) — the whole recipe was 2.10; used 2/3 of it for the burritos: 1.40
almost all the tomatoes 2.00
1 lb. Onion .38
6 cloves garlic .13
bacon grease (free; saved from previous cooked bacon)
cheese: 3.00
.36 per burrito

8 quarts potato soup, $6.13:
5 lbs. Potatoes: 2.25
1 lb. Bacon: 3.50
onion: .38
celery leaves (free; saved from celery)
.38 per two-cup serving

29 twice-baked potato halves, $10.63:
(I made 15 large potatoes; one half broke)
Potatoes: 4.47
Cheese: 4.79
Parsley: .39
Scallions: .98
.37 per serving

Around 100 potstickers, $8.80:
Wrappers: 2.79
Chicken: 3.00
Scallions: .98
Water chestnuts: 1.76
Ginger: .27
.62 for a 7-dumpling serving

Kimchi soup, $9.77:
Kimchi: 4.99
Fish balls: 2.29
Clamato: 2.49
1.62 per bowl

Also: remainder of chicken, which made 4 burgers, 9 baked chicken thighs, and a big bowl of chicken salad: $6.50 (about .43 per serving)

Remainder of beans: $.70 (9 cents a cup)

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The Big Cook commences

The beans are on the boil, and the prep begins. It’s Big Cook day!


Got plenty of sleep, got dressed in comfy houseworky clothes, and put the soaked pinto beans on to boil. It’s time for my first real once-a-month cooking (OAMC) effort, and I think it will be fun. I chose some really easy recipes for things that my family loves, so it shouldn’t really be much more work than getting a big meal on the table. I’ll let you know.

I’ll check in a few times, if I can. I’ll use a jump tag (if I can figure it out) so that this post doesn’t completely eat the homepage.

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Joyful weekend so far

Great weekend so far. Tomato bounty, huge vat of split pea soup, and oh, yeah, I don’t have cancer!

So far, it’s been a pretty joyful long weekend, where the Mom Food Project is concerned. I had off from work Thursday and Friday, and there’s been a lot of food joy in my house.

First, I realized this blog turned a year old a few weeks ago. Oops; didn’t realize it, so it came and went unheralded, but it still makes me happy. Also, the post before this one was my 200th! Again, didn’t realize.

Another great thing: No cancer! Blood tests and scans all came back negative. My first cancer surgery was in 2007; this is great news, as you can imagine task management system. Okay, it has nothing to do with the blog, but I had to tell you!

In serendipitous food news, the Berkeley Bowl (@BerkeleyBowl) tweeted yesterday that they were having a special on flats of pesticide-free tomatoes on the vine. About 45 cents a pound. I jumped on it and bought these:

two flats of pesticide-free tomatoes on the vine, stacked on atop the other

I made a big bowl of the tomato stuff with four and a half pounds of them. Hey, that’s from the first official post, so we’ve come full circle!

Chopped tomato salad in a big green bowl, with basil and garlic and salt

The rest I blanched, skinned, and turned into a massive vat of tomato sauce, with onions, garlic, veggies, and olive oil (click thumbnails if you want to see bigger pics):

celery, carrots -- click to enlargeall the veggies in a big pot -- click to enlargeblanched and skinned tomatoes added to the veggies -- click to enlargetomato sauce before blending smooth -- click to enlarge

And now, in the same vat, I’ve just made the mother of all pots of split pea soup, with a huge smoked turkey leg. It’s delicious, and it will fill my freezer. Recipe later, and photos, but James offered to put it away for me, and I took him up on it, so I don’t wanna bug him just now. He also made us grilled mozzarella sandwiches to go with it. He’s the best.

Not a bad weekend at all. How’s your weekend?

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