There are several ways to contribute to the Mom Food Project.  No, I’m not talking about money.

#1: Write a guest blog post

I would love to feature your Mom Food story (or Dad Food or Grandma Food or whatever) on The Mom Food Project blog. Your story can be long or short, with photos or without (though I really love photos), and you don’t have to be a professional writer to do it.

To become a contributor, let me know via the contact form that you’d like to contribute posts, and I’ll send you an email letting you know the deal. I used to be able to allow you to sign up directly, but we’ve been having a weird rash of spambots, so now I have to do it for you.

#2: Make a Mom Food date with me

I’d love to learn what your Mom Foods are, and help you make a Mom Food Project post out of one or more of them. If you’re local to me (I’m in Oakland, California), and I know you at all, let’s get together at my place and make your Mom Foods. I will buy the food; you can either do the cooking or just describe what we’re going for, and help me fine-tune until we get it right. We’ll take pictures and eat the Mom Food, and the date will be its own Mom Food Project post.

#3: Share your memories in email or comments

I’d love to hear about your experiences with Mom Food. Did your grandfather make his biscuits Just So? Did your mom slave for a whole day over her ragout? Do your kids tell you after a restaurant meal, “no one makes better spaghetti than you, mommy”? Periodically, I will collect those reminiscences (or excerpts of long stories) and post them on the blog. Please include the following information in your email or blog comment:

  • The name or initials you want me to use to credit your contribution
  • Anything you think readers should know about where and when you grew up (be as vague or as specific as you like; this isn’t a test)
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