Follow Friday the 13th: The Anticraft

Now, this is only tangentially relevant to Mom Food, but it’s Friday the 13th, and so today’s Follow Friday mention just HAD to be The Anticraft, my favorite craft magazine of all time. (Second favorite is Craftgrrl if blogs count, unless Regretsy counts, but if Regretsy counts, I need a drink, and I don’t drink. Wait, what was I talking about?)

Magdalenas de MuertoPhoto by Zabet Stewart

The Anticraft describes its philosophy thusly, in its “antifesto”:

Creation from chaos is natural. We’ve come to a place where we’ve realized that we have this actual, physical need to create things. We’ve discovered that we hate people en masse, we’re sick of homogenized culture, and these realizations have left holes in our hearts. We create to fill those holes, to be able to sleep at night knowing we’ve done something, even a small something, to confront the manufactured culture that is currently being churned out.

The point then is not that you should craft just like us. You should craft in the medium that understands you. This is just a place to let your eyes rest, find some inspiration, or scream yourself hoarse. We’re all outcasts and refugees from the mainstream here. We’re strange girls, tactless and profane in the face of the sacred, obsessed with mortality and the things you find under flesh and over bone. Our personalities are in this (can you tell that one of us likes puns?), which makes it personal. We want you to help us carry this along, which makes it political – a stand against the current trends in society to sanitize grief, drug sadness, hide obscenities, stigmatize sex, and take everything much too seriously.

Amen, and so mote it be, and right on.

The Anticraft is mostly craft stuff, but there’s a good smattering of cooking and baking, like the absolutely awesome and easy cupcakes pictured above.

Not coincidentally, many of my favorite Anticraft pieces are by Carin (more about her at “My Family“.) Foodwise, I especially liked Baconhenge, which got its day in the sun on NPR, but mostly I liked it because I got to help eat it.  It’s less scary, and yummier, than it looks.

BaconhengePhoto by Carol Squires

Check out The Anticraft if you wanna see what the cool kids are making these days. Their newest issue, “Lughnasadh”, is at

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Author: Serene

I run The Mom Food Project, which was born out of love for my mom and a desire to preserve the recipes of my childhood, which didn't actually exist in written form until I quizzed my mom and wrote the recipes down.

4 thoughts on “Follow Friday the 13th: The Anticraft”

  1. Love the Anticraft–I have some pictures of a foodie weekend that, one of these days, I might get brave enough to submit. Their knitting patterns are awesome, too!

    1. I love watching Carin get all excited about whatever the current issue-in-progress is. The next issue is all about coffee, and she made coffee pancakes with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. :-)

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