KAF Beautiful Burger Buns, stuffed version

I’m a reluctant Facebooker. I don’t love the interface or the company’s ethics, but it’s a good low-investment way to keep up with the people in my life who don’t do other online things, and it’s a fun place to see what companies are up to. Earlier today, I had a good time on King Arthur Flour’s Facebook page, when they posted about a perennial fave, Beautiful Burger Buns, originally by “Moomie” (Ellen), which are the standard bun in our house. I mentioned that I often fill them, and before I knew it, I’d promised to make them for dinner, so here you go! :-)

the inside of the baked pizza bun

The kid took SO many photos, as did I. I’m gonna make some of them a bit smaller so this page doesn’t go crazylong, but feel free to click to embiggen.

First, gather everything together. You should have made and cooled the fillings beforehand. Fillings can be as simple as leftovers, or canned red bean paste, or as elaborate as you feel up to. One favorite of ours is to make extra pulled pork and make buns with it the next day.

mise en place: meat, pickles, ketchup, dough, cheese, sesame seeds, baking sheet, omelet
Mise en place, in no special order: meat, mushrooms, pickles, olives, ketchup, dough, cheese, sesame seeds, baking sheet, omelet

Next, make the wonderful dough at the link above, either by hand, mixer, or bread machine. I did it by bread machine this time, but I’ve done it all three ways, and it works great every time. Then pull off an eighth of the dough (I do this by weight; feel free to guesstimate) and flatten it into a roughly circular disk.

the bread doughthe cheeseburger filling ready to go on a dough circle

Next, plop way too much filling on top of the disk. Don’t worry about it; the dough will stretch to wrap the filling.

The part that was tricky to photograph is closing the bun. Essentially, I pull the edges of the circle up and over the filling, while gently closing my hand, making kind of a purse filled with filling.

closing the bun

This time around, I made three kinds for your viewing pleasure:

Cheeseburger (ground beef, cheddar cheese, just barely enough ketchup to bind the meat, and a pickle slice in each bun)

Pizza (ground beef, sauteed mushrooms, a whole olive in each — usually, I’d moisten it with spaghetti sauce, but I didn’t realize I was out of sauce)

Breakfast bun (cheddar cheese omelet)

the cheeseburger filling: ground beef, ketchup, cheese, pickle sliceegg filling in a dough circle

Usually, I find the last rise only takes around 20-30 minutes on these, not the hour recommended, but everything else is the same, including the baking time.

the inside of the cheeseburger bunbaked bun with egg filling

I really recommend making these. It’s not hard, and it’s impressive. Plus, they make great lunches the next day.

brushing buns with melted butterall the buns, bakedbaked bun with sesame seeds

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Author: Serene

I run The Mom Food Project, which was born out of love for my mom and a desire to preserve the recipes of my childhood, which didn't actually exist in written form until I quizzed my mom and wrote the recipes down.

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  1. I actually have some leftover picadillo and I intend to try this recipe today. Thanks

  2. Nice idea…! I am familiar with Chinese BBQ Pork buns, but I’d never have thought of filling the buns with cheese, ground pork, etc. Thank you for sharing this :)!

  3. i am making these for the third time right now! I started with the cheeseburger, then the pizza, and now the breakfast bun! I saw your comment on the King Arthur page and just had to try them!! Great job!

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