Mom Food Dinners: The menus so far

I’ve figured out the menus for the first four Mom Food Dinners. These are subject to change, but I’m pretty sure they’re what I’m going with. Advance apologies to vegetarians; my Mom Food doesn’t swing that way most of the time. Updated menus can always be found at the Events tab, by clicking on a particular Saturday on the calendar. As each date gets closer, and sales and seasonality affect what I buy, the menus will get more detailed.

The Sunday following each Mom Food Dinner, I will post photos and recipes. You’ll get to see my cooking, my family, and my messy house. :-)

My mom didn’t serve dessert, so it’s not a strength of mine, but there will be fruit, and if I feel like it, there’ll be more dessert-ish stuff.

4: Meat lasagna, homemade bread, salad
11: Shake N Bake Pork chops, applesauce, broccoli, mashed potatoes, corn, salad if I get around to it
18: Birthday knaidlach (matzoh ball soup)
25: NO Mom Food Dinner (I have a prior commitment)

2: Ham with pineapple gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, some sort of veggies

To RSVP, send me an email from the Contact page.

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Author: Serene

I run The Mom Food Project, which was born out of love for my mom and a desire to preserve the recipes of my childhood, which didn't actually exist in written form until I quizzed my mom and wrote the recipes down.

2 thoughts on “Mom Food Dinners: The menus so far”

  1. Oooo! This menu sounds SO fun!!! And i love all the pictures of your food. Looks delicious, really. I came by to let you know that I will be cooking my German dish this week and hopefully blog about it. I’m pretty stoked. Thanks for inspiring me to get back in touch with my family heritage and meals! I will let you know how it goes.

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