Mom Food posts from the cooking blog

I have a cooking blog where I talk about all the aspects of the food I cook: recession cooking, my on-and-off vegetarianism, the low-iodine diet I sometimes have to do for cancer treatments, etc.

Among the things I have posted there over the last few years are some Mom Food posts, and I thought I’d list the ones with recipes and/or photos here, even though I may re-work some of them later on.



Mom’s Cheesecake

Nana’s Famous Fried Chicken

Nana's Famous Fried Chicken

Let the mocking begin (Chicken and Rice)

And while I’m at it, I’ll link to a couple lists of mom foods that we’ve made over the years, for my reference:

List #1 / List #2

This blog launches in two weeks, and I’m excited about some of the things I’m going to share, and even more excited about the people who will be contributing along with me.  For one thing, my kid, the professional artist, is making an awesome banner for me.  SO exciting!

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Author: Serene

I run The Mom Food Project, which was born out of love for my mom and a desire to preserve the recipes of my childhood, which didn't actually exist in written form until I quizzed my mom and wrote the recipes down.

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