Pantry Cooking Project, Day 3

What to drink when you don’t want to buy drinks at work.

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Mom’s kind of burger

Classic American burger.

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Testing, testing: Beef Burger with Spinach, Roasted Poblanos, and Caramelized Onions

Update: This burger made Editors’ Pick at Food52!

This will be my last post before the blog officially launches on Sunday (August 1st) and I tell my mom about it.  I wouldn’t be posting at all, because I’m working on writing next week’s posts, but something fun is going on, and you may be able to help and have fun along with me.

burger 1

When Food52 asked for our best beef burgers, I knew I’d love to participate, because wow, does my family love burgers. Me, though, I’m not a huge meat-eater, so I wanted something with a little bit of veggies, too. The kid had a light-bulb moment, brought on by the fact that she was still feeling rhapsodic about the Bayless chicken.  Why couldn’t I, she asked, make a burger with the same flavors as the yummy chicken, only use beef?

So I did.

burger 2

My burger (Beef Burger with Spinach, Roasted Poblanos, and Caramelized Onions) is on their list of Editors’ Pick Candidates — see it there at the bottom of their call for testers?  (Here’s a direct link to the recipe.)  I’d love to see some of you test this, or any of the other burgers on the list.  It’s fun summer food, that’s for sure.

And now the summer is essentially over for me.  I have tomorrow, Friday, completely off, and then Saturday, the work year starts for me, and it’ll be June before I get another extended leave from work.

This year, I hope, will be a stellar year for The Mom Food Project. If I play my cards right, I’ll test and post about ALL the foods on my own Mom Food list (approximately 85 items), and get a chance to share your Mom Foods (and Dad Foods, and Grandma Foods, and so on) with you.

Updates will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Mondays I’ll be participating in Meatless Mondays, which you’d think would be a challenge considering how much my mom loves and cooks meat, but she also loves veggies.  Latkes are vegetarian, after all!

Every Wednesday will be full of recipes, menus, cooking tips, and lots of photos of my Mom Foods and all your contributions.

Friday is Follow Friday, which is really a Twitter thing, but I like the idea, so here on the blog (and on the Project’s Twitter feed, @momfood), I’ll point you to others who are celebrating the concept of feeding our families lovingly.

Thank you all for taking this leap with me. I’ve already found such support and so many great new friends in the month that I’ve been working on this project. I’m very grateful to you all for being so open and loving with me, and for believing in the healing power of food served with love.

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