Administrivia: New things are coming

Changes are coming at The Mom Food Project!

New stuff is on its way, but I won’t bore you with a long post about it. Let’s just say that this blog, after three years (!) could use a facelift. Beginning September 1st, here’s a little taste of what will be new around here:

1) Daily, themed posts (Meatless Monday, Family Dinner Sunday, etc.)

2) A visual redesign

3) Free e-cookbooks and a preview of the book I’m working on (named, surprisingly, “The Mom Food Project”)

4) A new store where you can buy my favorite cookbooks and kitchen oddities

What won’t change:

1) We’ll still be ad-free

2) We’ll still be kind of eclectic and all over the place

3) We’ll still occasionally curse like sailors

Day three and a promise

Day 3 of the cleanse brings a promise from me.

I promise to post about something else as soon as:

1) This cleanse thing is over; OR

2) I have a day where I forget to take photos; OR

3) I have a day in which I eat all stuff I’ve already posted about.

But in the meanwhile, here’s the food for day 3 of the cleanse.

Breakfast: Fried O’Brien potatoes, homemade ketchup, watermelon, and V-8


Lunch: Big salad with homemade sesame dressing (mixed up sesame oil, rice vinegar, agave nectar, grated fresh ginger, wheat-free tamari, and grated garlic to taste), topped with sesame salt; fresh cherries

Salad and cherries

Snacks: Nuts, seasoned seaweed, and Oh, so much fruit. More than I can show you here, but among the bounty was more watermelon. Also, white peaches so ripe it’s making my mouth water to tell you about them. And more cherries. And so on. Plus a latte made with decaf espresso and homemade soymilk. (The soymilk maker is still in the testing phase. I’m working on it.)

peaches, watermelon, and soy latte

Dinner: Tamale pie. The plan was for chili, but I was waffling on finding a good vegan, gluten-free cornbread, and James suggested I just make some more polenta, add olives to the chili, and make tamale pie. Those of you who’ve been around a while know that James is big on suggesting yummy and time-consuming things for me to make, so I was happy to oblige with this relatively quick and easy dish.

Tamale pie

I also added some olive oil and a fair bit of garlic and nutritional yeast to the polenta before pouring it over the chili (which I dished into the baking dish with a slotted spoon so it wouldn’t be too soupy). The chili is based on the Moosewood recipe that Susan V. adapts here, but I left out the bulgur and used some olive oil in the preparation.

So there it is. There’ll be more Mom Food when this is over. I promise!

Notes on a long weekend (including this week’s menu)

Little notes from a weekend kitchen

Little tidbits all thrown into one post:

Finally some time to bake

This long weekend is a balm to my soul. There’s not too very much homework, I have very few social obligations, and my house is relatively clean. So gosh, today, I cooked up a storm. Sausage and potatoes for breakfast. Potato soup for lunch, with homemade baguette! I can’t find my camera, but I did take a cellphone photo of my baguette. You deserve better, but here it is:

cameraphone pic of a baguette that's obviously misshapen but brown and pretty anyway

I got the recipe from King Arthur Flour, one of my favorite recipe sites, and it worked really well. I baked it a little too long because my oven is a pain in the ass, but it worked out really well anyway, and now I have baguette dough in the fridge for whenever I want it (the recipe makes enough dough for four loaves).

This week’s manu

This week, we’re keeping it pretty simple. It’s two weeks before finals, and James has some work stress, so plain and easy is a good way to go. We’re still doing pantry cooking, but it’s kind of a joke, because I still have SO much food in the house!

Tonight: Cheeseburger macaroni (homemade, but inspired by that boxed stuff I loved as a kid)
Monday: Vegetable soup and baguette
Tuesday: Bean burritos
Wednesday: I have school, and James fends for himself (usually sandwiches). If I have time, I’ll make him a baguette the night before to have his sandwich on.
Thursday: Sausage and potato skillet
Friday: Spaghetti
Saturday: The kid is coming over and we’re gonna make some kind of Mom Food together. I’m letting her decide what it will be. More about that later.

Constructive spammers

My spam killer has been going a little nuts lately, and classifying a few of you as spammers, which obviously, you’re not, because you’re my beloved readers (and, in one case, an actual Mom Food blogger!). I’m working on it, but I’m also finding a really interesting phenomenon in which someone makes an actual comment that responds to the post, and it’s pretty clear from their URL and CommentLuv post that they’re hoping to promote their link on Google. This made me think of this comic, which I’ll leave you with (click to make it larger), and which I’m sharing with permission. Have a wonderful, wonderful week, my darlings.


Getting over the stumbling blocks

Perfect is the enemy of good

This is an odd, disjointed post for a food blog. I hope you’ll indulge me just this once. It will include my week’s menus and even some food photos, to appease the gods of on-topic posts.

See? Food!


I’ve been neglecting this blog lately, as part of a spiral I think most of you will recognize:

  1. Go too long between posts
  2. Feel bad about that and decide you’ll post as soon as you finish a really good one
  3. Get really busy and combine that with beating yourself up about neglecting the blog
  4. Lather, rinse, repeat

Two things have brought me out of my spiral. One was seeing this video, thanks to Meriah of With a Little Moxie. I really recommend it (and I thank YouTube for letting me embed it in privacy mode; I hate it when outside content wants to set cookies for my readers even if they don’t click the link).

The second thing was deciding to make this post. It’s not perfect. It’s not polished. It doesn’t say anything you haven’t heard before. But it’s my way of reaching out to you, and coming back to posting, because I believe that if you’re seeing these words, you’re part of my extended community, and I want to be a part of that community in my own, imperfect way.

Oh! And here’s my menu for the week. Nothing too snazzy. I’m in school more than full-time, and working besides, so even taking the few minutes to write this post feels like an indulgence. One that’s worth it, certainly, but an indulgence nonetheless.

Breakfast: Potatoes and eggs and oro blanco
Lunch: Veggie sloppy joes
Dinner: Kimchi soup and rice (James prefers not to have noodles in the soup itself, but I like something starchy with it, so I’ll toss some rice in my soup and let him choose for himself.)
Monday: Chicken with barbecue sauce; buttered noodles; peas; salad
Tuesday: Black bean burger tacos
Wednesday: I leave for school at 8am and get home around 11pm; James fends for himself, and I eat at the school cafeteria or I take snacks to snack on
Thursday: Spaghetti and meatballs; James’s “special zucchini”; salad
Friday: James will make us sandwiches or something. By Friday night, I’m fried.
Saturday: Dinner out with Guy; James will fend for himself

Let’s not be perfect. Let’s begin where we are, be ourselves, and share each other’s joys and struggles, shall we?