It’s technically food; it’s made of olive oil!

Don’t eat the shampoo. Trust me.

This isn’t exactly a food post, but it’s certainly in line with my mom’s frugal, do-it-yourself ethos, and it’s edible, so here I shall post it.

Several months ago, after Nutrogena changed the fragrance on my favorite shampoo to something I can’t use, I decided to take a page out of some of my friends’ books and go shampoo-free. Since then, according to James, every day is a good hair day for me. My hair is silky and gorgeous, and I only have to use the medicated stuff once a month or so, as opposed to every time. I use baking soda and cider vinegar the rest of the time, and I’m telling you, it’s soooooooooo much cheaper.

Because giving up shampoo was such a positive (and money-saving!) experience for me, and because I already make my own laundry detergent, I was positively inclined to listen to this article on washing one’s face without soap. I had to buy castor oil (got it in the drugstore), but the only other ingredient is olive oil, so I went for it.

So far, my face is already very soft. My brain is having a hard time not seeing that as dirty/greasy, but like the shampoo experiment, I’m going to give this method two weeks before I decide how successful it is. Not sure if it’s any cheaper than the fragrance-free Dove bars I usually use, but it’s certainly not very expensive, and a little really goes a long way.

Let me know if you know of other natural cleansing methods, will you? I can’t use scented products unless I’m in the mood to have water blisters all over my body, so anything you’ve tried that really worked and doesn’t contain perfume would be greatly appreciated.

Tortilla (no, not that kind)

When we moved from Spain to California, I was so confused. In San Diego, a tortilla is a flatbread. In Spain, my beloved tortilla was a divine dish of eggs, onions, potatoes, and LOTS of olive oil.

When we moved from Spain to California, I was so confused.  In San Diego, right there cheek by jowl with Mexico, a tortilla is a flatbread, like so:

homemade tortillas for pumpkin tacos
Photo by Stacy (littlebluehen)

But where I had lived, in southern Spain, a tortilla is more like this:


“That’s a fritatta”, you say. Yeah, exactly. But the Spanish version is called a tortilla, is one of the comfort foods of my childhood, and nearly always contains potatoes.  Maria won’t even talk to you if you leave the potatoes out.


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